Welcome to BOOST dear Volunteers!

Thank you for your interest in spending your time at our program! BOOST Conductive Education provides with several opportunities for our volunteers to participate in different sessions. Volunteering at BOOST is a gratifying experience!

Are you a high school student needing community hours? Or a collage student needing experience and want to learn more about children with motor disabilities?  Or are you a caring human being who wants to give back to the community and help children learn and grow?

You are at the perfect place! You are welcome to join us any day of the week for individual and small group sessions. For special events and intensive programs please check out our calendar!


What do I learn from volunteering at BOOST?

Interns who volunteer at BOOST work hands-on in the classroom helping children with motor disabilities. Join in the fun and gain valuable hands-on experience, communication skills, and leadership skills while helping the kids. The type of tasks to complete are but not limited to:

  • Assist with lying program; stretching and mobility on the floor
  • Assist with the standing program; weight baring, independent sitting, standing, and walking
  • Assist with the individual program; sitting, crawling, standing, walking
  • Assist with fine motor program; speech, arts and crafts
  • Get experience in administrative tasks
  • Learn how to become a teacher assistant
  • Be an OT intern supervised by our experienced OT
  • Lear more about motor development, different disabilities
  • Take on a leadership position and be a volunteer coordinator

Give and watch yourself grow!


For volunteer applications and information:

Saskia Kramer CET skramer@ucpnb.org


A reflective essay written by volunteer Claire Sloan:
I Have A Thank You Card PDF

A Press Democrat article written by volunteer Taylor Powers:
From Fear to Friendship: A New Perspective PDF