Academic Classroom

BOOST provides a small group, intensive educational environment for students with Cerebral Palsy and other motor and behavioral disabilities, K through 8th grade.  Our current structure provides an exceptional 1:1 ratio with one Conductor Teacher and one Conductor Teacher Assistant running the classroom with additional Classroom Aides.  The enriched staffing ensures individual attention for each student while being in small group settings.  Our ratio is based on student need and is adjusted throughout the school year as necessary.


BOOST is a holistic educational program based on the principles of Conductive Education and implements different learning approaches including Traditional Academics, Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, and Orientation and Mobility Therapy.  The daily schedule of each student is individualized and most of the day is spent in group settings.  The multi-disciplinary professional instructors coordinate and integrate their knowledge into the classroom rather than pull out students individually.  During individual work time, students have the opportunity to get extra support from our Teachers and Therapists on a 1:1 basis.


What makes our BOOST Academic Classroom unique is the transformative effect that Conductive Education has on increasing academic, mobility, and independence.  It is an intensive approach that combines medical knowledge with educational methods.  Students gain control over their bodies and accomplish tasks while, for example, focusing on a math problem.  With increased mobility, strength, problem-solving skills, confidence, and self-esteem, not only will the quality of life for students be improved, but the quality of life for their families as well.


Our innovative curriculum provides fine and gross motor classes where academics are built into the activities, social thinking opportunities, independent living skills, behavioral support systems, and sensory integration.  Our classroom uses multiple curriculums that follow the California Common Core State Standards.  Academic creativity, mixed with common core standards, allows students to achieve at an individualized pace – even students struggling with current standards.


The BOOST Academic Classroom is fully integrated into Cypress School activities and with other students.  Boost students also have the opportunity to interact with students attending neighboring River Montessori School, a state certified public charter school.  The Boost/River Cooperative Integration Program offers multiple opportunities to improve social thinking, communication, and independence.  Students meet with River students for recess, music, and art classes throughout the day.  Both groups value the collaboration as it is teaching the upcoming generation to be accepting, thoughtful and caring toward one another.


BOOST Afterschool Program runs Monday through Friday and begins when school is let out at 2:30 p.m. and ends at 5:30 p.m.  Afterschool activities include adapted sports, arts and crafts, music, and tutoring.  Afterschool kids can benefit from extra therapies as needed since all our therapists are under one roof.


Extended School Year runs for six weeks with two of those weeks being regular school days and the other four weeks being the BOOST Summer Intensive Program.  The BOOST Summer Intensive Program is an opportunity for students of all ages to come for an intensive four-week session of conductive education.  Groups of students, similar in age and physical challenges, learn mobility skills, independence, and functional daily living skills within a supportive group atmosphere of fun and adventure.  Each age group examines a specially selected topic and curriculum while working toward their next level of independence.


Transportation Program provides safe and reliable transportation for our students each day from their family homes and back home from school.  Our Teachers and Teacher Aides are professionally trained and certified in driver safety and emergency transportation procedures when hired and recertified annually thereafter.  During school hours we use our vehicles for classroom community activities and weekly field trips.  Our Transportation Coordinator works with our Vehicle Repair Shop to provide preventative maintenance and repairs on a regular and as needed basis for our vehicles.


Positive Behavior Plans are followed for students that include any plans related to vehicle safety.  We provide training and reinforcement in safely entering and exiting the vehicle, use of safety belts, and exhibiting positive behaviors in the vehicle.  Learning activities in the vehicle include greetings, how are you today, singing songs, playing what do I see, playing show me (your nose), and goodbyes.  We use total communication training at school and in our Adaptive Behavior Programs through speech, signs, icons, and PECS (picture exchange communication system) to help our students communicate while traveling to and from our many activities.