The History of the BOOST Conductive Education Program

The History of the BOOST Conductive Education Program

Over fourteen years ago, two moms drove their daughters, Alexa and Katya, diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, out-of-state to attend a Conductive Education program.  After they saw incredible progress, the two mom’s realized they wanted to provide a similar program in Sonoma County, thus BOOST Conductive Education was born.  In 2008, UCP of the North Bay adopted BOST Conductive Educatoin and co-founder Susy McBride has continued her committed support  of this remarkable program.  This program is an intensive five-week movement therapy program based on Conductive Education. Every day we teach children motor skills and train parents and their families to work hands-on with their children.  BOOST activities address gross and fine motor, self-help, and communication skills with an emphasis on success.

Susy McBride shares,

“We measure the success of our program by watching the joy on a mother’s face as she observes her child: 

  • laughing for the first time in his life,
  • walking with canes for the first time when she had given up hope, 
  • grasping an object with his hands and holding on,
  • sitting alone without support, 
  • or being aware of the ability to blow out a candle – and doing it!  


Watching their children accomplish these simple tasks is monumental to every parent.”

BOOST Conductive Education relies on donations that go toward the cost of qualified conductors, teachers’ aides, classroom furniture, supplies and scholarships.

Susy McBride, BOOST Founder