BOOST Conductive Education Program Testimonials


Jazlyn’s attention span improves every year at BOOST.  She has gone from crying all day to really being focused (and calm) on what is going on and curious about what the other children are doing. She has learned to use her core muscles to sit independently on a stool for up to ten minutes at a time and has learned to hold a spoon with some assistance to feed herself.  She has learned to take steps and balance standing which helps in transitioning from her chair to other places. I feel that the time we spend at BOOST is the most valuable time we have all year, and know that it has improved her life immeasurably.








Andrew participated mostly in the floor portion of BOOST last summer, and it worked out nicely.   He continues to mature and is learning to take more responsibility for his body and movements (both of which are very difficult for him to control).   Being the oldest in his small group, he took great pride in setting a good example for the younger children in working hard, and demonstrating some of the movements that the conductors were teaching.   As always, the intensive stretching program does wonders for him, and we always come away with new ideas and inspiration for life after the BOOST Conductive Education Program.  He also continues to work on breath control/deep breathing through the stretches, which in turn helps him in his everyday activities.







Since the hard work Aviva did this last July (2012) at the BOOST Conductive Education Program she has made great progress.  She has started eating her food off a spoon 2 out of her 3 main meals in the day.  She has developed bigger leg muscles and continues to practice walking with the ladder at the end of the school day.   Some days she needs more support and assistance to go the length of the room two times and other days she seems to jet across the floor almost effortlessly but she always loves doing it and seems to anticipate her “walking” time all day.  It seems Aviva is also using her eyesight in a more practical way, she seems at times to want to “look” at her surroundings and sometimes even people, which is a huge accomplishment.  When July comes around again I know it means we’re in for a lot of hard work, but we are both really looking forward to it!








Improvement has come over years of the BOOST Conductive Education Program.  Continuing involvement has been beneficial.  She loves to work.  Unlike her regular schedule, she comes home from BOOST energized and jazzed, every day.  Although she is non-verbal, expressing herself energetically both on the way there and on the way back.  She is 21, older than most of the kids.  She is petite, so we can still do a lot of the work with her.  The improvements that we have seen in her attitude and her love for the program is tremendous.  It’s difficult because she makes progress, but she needs BOOST, or some form of intense therapeutic/fun activity all year round in order to really hold that progress.  The big thing she got this past year is repetitive cyclical stepping.  On the ambulation harness she was just able to hop.  Being guided, she now learns how to take steps, putting one foot in front of the other – and she’s getting good at it.